They all look a bit dated...

Wedding videography has come on a very long way in a relatively short period of time. Sure, those wedding videos that look like they were shot in the 1990's still very much exist, but the general calibre of wedding film is only going in one direction. There are many reasons for this, but the most important aspect to consider here is the style of filmmaker. I believe they currently fall into two categories; documentary style, or a more cinematic/artistic approach. Love Story Productions is all about that cinematic look.

But what allows those of us who aim for that style of film to actually pull it off? Technological advancement, in a nutshell. Never before has high quality 'cinema' level equipment been so accessible or so affordable. We use the Canon C200 as this is definitely up there with one of the highest quality cameras around, we are always investing in the best equipment to create the best videos.

Of course this is taken to another level again with the fairly recent advancement in drone technology. To achieve those stunning aerial shots used to involve hiring a helicopter and strapping a huge camera rig to it. Not anymore. Stunning aerial videography is accessible and will only serve to enhance the cinematic value of your film. Creative use of frame rates and slow motion also help to replicate the movie look. But without a doubt the most important part of the filmmaking process, for achieving a cinematic look to your work, is in post-production, or the editing stage.

We are built up of wedding industry professionals and filmakers we know the importance of proper colour correction and then adding a cinematic colour grading to the footage is the finishing touch, and then it's all about the storytelling. The trick is to create a genuine narrative and use music strategically to set the tone. Understanding music and how it affects human perceptions is an absolute must. Love Story Productions mission is to create films that look, sound, and feel like mini-movies. Movies that tell your story in the most artistic and touching way possible. I would urge anyone concerned that wedding videos look 'dated' to check out our work! 

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