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who we are

We are Mitch & Eloise... photographers & filmmakers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to discover our work! We are so happy you are here. Photography and film gives us so much joy and there is nothing we love more. We have so many 'pinch me' moments and have made the most amazing memories with our couples all over the world.​ We are based in Essex, UK and we are available worldwide. We feel so incredibly grateful that we get to experience and capture the most amazing day of a couple's life. We love meeting our couples and hearing their stories and becoming friends. We are super down to earth and love couples who are celebrating all things love in a way that is unique to them and out of the ordinary! We know it sounds cliche but it's the little things in life. 

In our spare time we love to explore and see new places... we absolutely love camping just the simplicity of it being outside, making a fire and getting cosy under the stars. Our dream is to one day convert a camper and do the whole 'van life' and adventure around the UK and Europe. (WE DONE IT) Yay. We have now got our camper and we couldn't be happier. We are just so inspired by nature, people and how all these things connect. There are so many amazing places we have on our bucket list to see! We recently did a road trip through Italy which was SO cool and we just really enjoy the whole 'living like a local' and not just visiting the tourist hot spots.


Believe it or not we also are pretty camera shy ha! We are certainly the people "behind the lens", so we completely get how some people really dread the idea of being on camera but that is where we can come in - capturing authentic and emotive moments is what we live for. We truly believe that if you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera that is what really tells your story. We promise, we will make you feel so at ease and you will walk away going "hey, that was pretty fun haha!" 

We are engaged! Yayyy, wedding planning is SO fun but we completely get that people feel the pressure and importance to find the right people to capture your day. Trust is such a massive part of that and a love for their eye of how they capture moments. If you love looking back at photos and making memory books as much as we do you will really understand the importance of having the right people capture your day for you. Our best advise when looking for someone to capture your day is when you look at their work do you get 'that feeling' if so, go for it! <3

A little more about Mitch...

- Super empathetic and this really

reflects in the films he directs as they all tell a story.

- Love's the outdoors, will be that person making the fire but also enjoying a beer at the same time, ha!

- Would love to get into snowboarding - love the mountains and a bit of an adrenaline junkie!

- Loves dogs - would love a Husky 

- Mitch also directs music videos! He has directed music videos for The Shapeshifters, David Guetta, Elderbrook, Camelphat, Michael Gray, Franky Rizardo, Blue Boy & Sophie Lloyd. Pretty cool!


A little more about Eloise...

- Obsessed with the sky
- Absolutely loveeee snowboarding
- Used to be a wedding planner for a number of years before I went off travelling 
- Loves cats - I would LOVE  a british blue but we are holding off for the moment as we can't exactly take it travelling in a van haha! 
- Favourite country is Italy


some real moments  from our camera roll

Night 4.JPG
Night 1.JPG
Night 5.JPG

This is where we got engaged! That sky. 


On your day we make sure we capture the real moments. All our photos and films are so unique because they tell the story of our couple's day and how they unfold. We take all the most amazing moments from your day and turn it into something you will truly treasure forever. We want our work to feel like you.

It is so important for us to blend into the background on your day. This is the best way to tell your love story capturing the excitement and romance beginning to end. For the most part of the day, you will not even realise we are there. 

Working as a couple with couples works extremely well. If you or your fiance are camera shy you can rest assure that you will feel comfortable and confident when we do take you away for the magical couple shots! The majority of the day we will be capturing the candid moments. 

How it works? You can book film or photo separately, but so many of our couples ask if we do both photo and film as a package as they would prefer it to all be 'under one roof' so we offer both videography and photography as one too! 

When you book us for your wedding, not only will we capture your day but we will also be a helping hand on the lead up to your day. Whether that be through advice, recommendations, styling or ideas. 

Eloise & Mitch x

If you are celebrating being amazing and in love then we are your guys! Life and love is a wonderful thing. 



- We capture everything from your morning preparations to into the party 

- We are happy to travel up to 2 hours with no extra charge.

- Our style is emotive, natural and romantic. We capture your day as it unfolds as opposed to staging it. We will take you away for a few moments to capture some romantic, intimate shots. 

- Don't worry - We will make sure you never feel awkward we make it fun! Most part of the day you will not even realise we are there. 



Our gift to you! We will deliver your photos and film to your home address in these handmade personalised wooden boxes. 

We absolutely love these. We want you to have your wedding moments treasured in a keepsake box for years to come. 

Being so neutral we hope it will sit perfectly in your home. 

Eloise & Mitch x




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 "I honestly don’t know where to start... Eloise & Mitch are just fabulous! They went above and beyond for us on the run up to the wedding, on our wedding day and afterwards also. They made us feel so comfortable throughout, we forgot the cameras were even there. We found them on social media and already loved their work but having met them and after spending a few days in tuscany with them I have to say they are both the loveliest and friendliest people. They are both so professional and the videos and pictures speak for themselves! They captured so many moments that I had forgotten about in such a short time and we have watched the video so many times, we absolutely LOVE IT! Can not recommend these guys enough!!!!!"